Let’s add some magic

Some never-fail ways to wow your guests

Option 1 – The Drums
Picture this: Two flambeau torches on either side of the arched entrance (with or without branded banners) together with four to ten Celtic drummers providing a dramatic welcome for your guests, a guard of honour, if you like, adding a great sense of occasion.

Option 2 – In Character
The Royal Hospital Kilmainham has a remarkable history and we can bring that alive with period character actors who will greet people with stories and folklore of any relevant era. This is a great way to give your guests a real sense of place and history as they step into the past and really understand the importance of this amazing venue.

Option 3 – The LED Drums
Here’s something completely different: LED drummers will delight your guests as they arrive – the noise and the light – it’s spectacular and is perfectly offset with the classical backdrop of the classical courtyard. Corporate clients can even have their logo worked into a performance.

Option 4 – Music Acts
All of our resources are at your disposal which means that we can arrange for almost every possible combination of world class musical ensemble you want to welcome guests to your event. From a spine tingling vocal performance as guests enter the main courtyard to an authentic traditional Irish greeting as people explore the formal gardens.

Option 1 – Elastic Strings
A stunning looking and beautiful sounding quartet who can play both timeless classical pieces or a mixture of contemporary Irish music both of which are great in this setting. How about your own custom set list of both types?

Option 2 – Art Comes To Life
The RHK is home to Ireland’s national modern art collection and we can bring that to life with a huge canvas and a leading photorealism artist who will create a portrait in charcoal of a famous Irish figure of your choosing. As the artist creates the image a video link connects screens in the main hall so that your guests will see the portrait coming together and try to guess who it is.

Option 1 – Aerialist Performers
As people are invited to take their seats in the main hall, they will be amazed by the sight of two of Ireland’s greatest aerialist’s performing with silks or an aerial hoop. Their performance works perfectly with beautiful high ceilings and can include champagne pouring and an assortment of ambient or act structured displays.

Option 1 – Jiggy
Jiggy is an Irish music collective who blend contemporary rhythms with traditional reels. One of their tracks ‘King of the Fairies’ has over 5 million views on Facebook and thousands of shared interactions. They illustrate modern Ireland perfectly and they always surprise people who think they already know Irish music


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